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*** Note - Loyal Kittson Excavating is now Paragon Excavation LLC ***

"We did a large scale landscape transformation of our property... gardens, water features, and pool , etc.  The project took well over a year to complete.  In all we had over 30 contractors working on our place.  I can say that Loyal Kittson Excavating was at the very top of the list of our favorite contractors.  J.J. and company are as good as they come.  On many occasions, J.J. made it his responsibility to make sure everything ran smoothly, even if it wasn't his work.

The work that they do is great.  They are very fast and very efficient.  When we asked them to do something, it was always done right away and to our liking.  When problems arose, they worked though the problem like a professional should.  

J.J. and Loyal Kittson Excavating will always be our first and only call."

- Mathew and Erica R., Helvetia, OR

"I needed my outdoor horse arena resurfaced.  They took out all of the old material, installed a drain system, and brought in new material.  They did such a good job, that I had them do my indoor arena as well.  They are certainly good at what they do."

- Amir M., Clackamas, OR

"A friend of mine referred Loyal Kittson Excavating to me.  I needed some gravel roads installed around my property.  They gave me a cost estimate and a time frame.  Not only did they get the job done a week ahead of schedule, they came in $3000 under budget.  Since then, I have had them back to do a number of things on my property.  They have certainly lived up to the hype my friend gave them.  Thanks LKE!"

- Beth L., Newberg, OR

"We had Loyal Kittson Excavating do the dig out for our new house.  While they were here, we also had them grade our driveway and prepare an area for our kids' sports court.  Once the foundation was in, they installed the rain drains and utilities, and then back filled the foundation.  After the house was finished, we had them come back in to prepare the soil for landscaping and we also had them put some very large boulders in the landscape.  Everything was done quickly and perfectly.  We could not have asked for anything more."

- Donald and Sarah C., Portland, OR

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